Schiff MegaRed Extra Strength Krill Oil

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  • 100% Pure Krill Oil, Phospholipid Omega-3
  • Supports 3 Markers of Cardiovascular Health
  • One Softgel per Day

A year ago this company Change the pill different . At that time I didn’t buy the same pills so I bough different company and went wrong. I did not realize this pills after a few months later. My body was different than before. My joints hurts badly . That why I came back this pills. So awesome !!!

I have been buying Schiff's supplements for years and because the ULTRA works magically for me, I tend to trust their other products as well. I cannot say how the MegaRed is working, there is no indication as it is with ULTRA. Hopefully, it is doing great things to my body.

I have been using this 500 mg. supplement for years. It is the best by far. I am miffed I can only purchase the lower mg. it online. Please return it to your store shelves!

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